How to stay fit as a single mother

This entry might seem shallow to some readers but I believe the saying „mens sana in corpore sano“ to be true. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Many young women have fear of gaining weight during pregnancy- this is completely understandable. Still they might earn criticism for their worries from their environment „be grateful that you are carrying a healthy baby!“ I think it is a scary thing to watch your own body grow and change. It is no longer just „your“ body, but you have become the host of another organism. Your decisions from now on have a direct influence on the the thriving miracle inside your womb. You have to take responsibility and to make wise choices, because your actions might harm your unborn child. For me it was the most beautiful experience to feel this precious seed of life growing into a flower and to expand into something greater than myself. I was very careful and devotional and treated my body like a temple to give this holy being that blessed me with its presence, what it deserved. Since a fetus is like a sponge and absorbs not only toxins but also negative emotions, having a happy healthy mother, that feels comfortable in her own skin, is most beneficial for its development. During my whole pregnancy I tried to not let myself go, so I could feel beautiful throughout this entire journey. I ate a lot of nutritious, healthy mostly vegan foods and tried to stay as active as possible. I went swimming, did yoga and went for long walks, until the day Mio finally pushed his head through my narrow birth canal.


When my son was born, I have to admit, that my exercise routine suffered a lot. In the first couple of month after his birth I turned into a milk machine, that was used twenty-four seven. I dropped the 12 Kilos that I had gained during my pregnancy in a heartbeat and when Mio was 6 month old, people kept telling me that I had become very thin.


In retrospect I have to admit that I felt quite drained and weak during this time of my life and I think that it would have been beneficial for my health if had done more cardio exercises and muscle training back then. All I did was going to Yoga twice a week, because I felt like I had no time for more exercise in my busy everyday-baby-life. Today I think that this might have been an excuse. Sure a baby is in constant need for your attention and changing diapers is time consuming as well, still- where there is a will there is a way!

I just recently (about 3 month ago) started to establish a consistent exercise routine and I have definitely kept feeling stronger, happier and healthier ever since. My shape has already improved and seeing my body become more trained and toned every week is just another positive side effect. So here are some of my excuse-proof tips on how to become a fit super fucking mother. I hope you find them helpful, yours Lisa ❤


1. Breastfeeding

Well, breastfeeding might not make you „fit“  per se, but it is a beautiful bonding experience I highly recommend. It is not only very beneficial for your baby but also helps you drop the weight you gained during pregnancy just like that. I personally think that breastfeeding long term and weaning gradually helps your body and especially your boobs to degenerate nicely. Give it a try 😉

2. Drop the excuses

Yes, we are all busy! But be honest to yourself, are you really using your time wisely? Or are you getting caught on Facebook, watching TV and doing shit? Stop the excuses, where there is a will there is a way!

3. Hypnosis

To boost your motivation to workout more often, I highly recommend listening to hypnosis. This way you can reprogram your subconscious mind and change hindering beliefs you might hold about yourself.

4. Establish a new habit

After doing the same thing ( e.g. going for a run) consistently for over 30 days, your brain will be rewired and form a new habit that takes next to no effort anymore.

5. Make fitness and health a priority

Many women make the mistake of focusing obsessively on losing weight instead of making their fitness and health a priority. Always check if your actions are self loving, if they are not, change them. Think about how much better you will feel after exercising and don’t focus on the scales, your happiness is so much more important than your weight.

6. Have fun

Just watch your children and how much they enjoy to run, jump and move. Movement is fun so try to find a playful approach to exercising. I love to dance around with my son like crazy or to jump on the trampoline with him.


7. Get a Baby Runner

Going jogging with my son is fun for both of us. He especially likes it when I run really fast and cheers with joy. Just make sure to get the right stroller and give it a try. To keep Mio entertained for longer periods of time, I make sure to take some books, music and biscuits with me. 😉


8. Go into nature

To go hiking and to take a deep breath of fresh air is very beneficial for you and your baby. If you want to learn more about the healing abilities of mother nature read „the biophilia-effect“.


9. Be creative

If you really can’t find the time to go to the gym, just get a jumping rope, a stepper, a hula hoop, a Zumba DVD, a punchbag or any other instrument of torture you like. There are many effective ways to exercise at your home.

10. Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga might not be the most relaxing nor challenging Yoga out there, due to obvious confounding factors. Still it is fun and a great opportunity to connect with other mums and toddlers.

11.Vegan Nutrition

I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old for ethical reasons and I do believe that the vegan diet is not only best for your health but also for the planet. I am not an expert in nutrition, but I know from my own experience that I feel my best when I eat an organic, high calorie plant based diet.


12. Running after your Babies

Instead of putting your babies on a leash (I have to admit, that I thought about this as well), you might just run after them. At least thats what I have to do with my son the whole day long. It’s one of his favorite games to run away from mommy and even though it’s quite nerve-wracking it keeps me fit at least. 😉


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