About Me

My name is Lisa-Marie and I am a single-mother, a superhero, a butterfly princess, a psychologist, a yogi, a runner, a lover, a spiritual seeker, a healer, an aspiring therapist, a fighter, a writer and a natural disaster all in one person. I am not here to poop rainbows or to create illusions such as the perfectly styled super-mum illuminati does, which was designed to make real women feel bad about themselves. I am not here to pretend to be an ascended master or an enlightened guru and to have all the answers, because I don’t.

Life on this small speck in the universe called earth can often  be overwhelming. This rollercoaster ride with no certain destination, shakes us up and breaks us down until we accept, let go and become lighter with every challenge that comes our way. I am not a bitter person, even though I tasted lemons handed to me by a snake, I know how sweet life can be and how beautiful this godly creation really is. I feel deep love and respect for all human beings because the path we chose is not an easy one. We are all brave little fighters, battling our confused minds in a dysfunctional system. It takes great strength to admit to our own weakness, since we got punished and ridiculed for it when we were children. We learned that there is something inherently wrong with us, so we put on masks and became slaves to our fears. There is no way to overcome our shadows by running away or trying to hide them. All they want is to be seen. So let’s give our shadows a hug and express our authentic, imperfect and very lovable selves. At least that’s what  I want to do…

I have been through tough times, but instead of giving up, I decided to grow from the lessons my soul chose to experience. Step by step I managed to get out of the spiritual and emotional abyss to a safe place where I found happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Buddha and I still have struggles like every human being does but instead of diving into desperation, I have learned to use some easy psychological and spiritual skills to prevent me from drowning. I would like to share the knowledge I gained about how to live life like a child, to be curious and open, to be constantly learning and always improving. I know too many degenerated zombies, that sold their souls for a TV set and that are utterly unaware of their dreams, emotions and desires. This blog is a small attempt to contribute to a better world. If I can only wake up one Zombie I will be the happiest person. We are all so powerful and every wasted potential is just a shame.

I will try to plant seeds of inspiration into hearts that are desperately yearning to bloom.

Don’t die with your music still in you.

You are always enough. 



One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Lisa — Thanks for visiting and following New Earth Paradigm. You are the first one I have heard call out the Cabal for inventing the Super-mom. What a way to promote feelings of inadequacy in us women! We all do our best — men and women — and often the results do not come close to perfect. So thanks for adhering to YOUR path, raising a child without a partner, staying open-hearted to what Life brings and becoming an inspiration in the process. I’m going to poke around here a bit more but want you to know that I love your spirit. ♥ Alia

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